New Release (October 14, 2014): The Reset. It took a year of song-writing, studio recording & mixing to create this album, The Reset. Download it on iTunes HERE.

The album was inspired by the discovery that I needed a new story to tell. I interrupted my own well-worn patterns, which for me was not easy to do, and forced myself down a different path. Once I went in motion, it became more than a simple page turn or new chapter in my life. I put in a new processor, played by a new set of rules, and had an entirely new engine. The Reset is the result.

When I wrote the songs on this album I focused in on an acoustic vibe…looking for emotional melodies and active chord progressions—rock with blues and my style of rhythmic and beating acoustic guitar. I aimed to create a hopeful urgency I felt matched what I was experiencing during the inspiration for it.

With You tells the story of closing a door on failed love while leaning your back against that very door. It’s locked from the other side, never opening again. Walking away is necessary, confusing, heartbreaking and the only thing you can do. This is how The Reset starts. Piles Up leans in with a day-dreamer’s introspection, a believer’s hope, a winner’s belief, a lover’s desire. The hook, “It’s all beautiful to me,” suggests that there is beauty in the revelation of seeing things differently for the first time.

A few of the tunes (Signs, About Myself, & Gold) offer different interpretations of reconciliation. Signs is about lover’s denial; a self-inflicted kind of suffering. The signs are clear and everywhere, but a lover’s denial puts them in a compartment, enabling him to dismiss them. Gold is ultimately about the weight of accumulating sentiments that make you open that compartment and look inside. About Myself is about moving past all that; moving forward to what is new, and letting go of what was. It’s about the act of doing it. If you want to learn to ride a bike, you get on that bike and you peddle. You don’t talk about the time you wanted to learn about riding a bike.

A wonderful group of musicians made The Reset what it is and I’m extremely grateful to have worked with all of them. Josh Margolis (drummer, guitar player, owner of Gowanus Music School in Brooklyn) produced the album with Danny Lapidus (engineer/producer & musician, owner of POD Noise studio in NYC). Three bass players (James Joughlin, Lee Nadel, David Pollak), two keyboard/organ players (Rob Arthur & John Deley), and a bad-ass harmonica player (Teddy Goldstein) all contributed amazing performances.