I was born just outside of Boston and spent my childhood and high school years in Newton, New Jersey. Although I’ve lived the last 10 years in NYC, you can still hear some Jersey in my songs.

My musical inspirations range from the gutsy, heartfelt voice-of-the people Bruce Springsteen, to the story telling genius of Billy Joel, and the stand-and-deliver underdoggedness of Ben Folds. For me, everything stopped when their songs came on. Add in some Counting Crows, John Mayer, Bob Seger, and Steve Miller…each with their unique brand of soul…and true set of influences that have informed my sensibilities emerge. From my singing to my style of song writing, these are the folks who inspired my passion. I’ve tried to reinvent nuances and from this stable or artists enough to make it modern and to make it my own.

Guitar lessons at age 8 didn’t work out. I asked for them but I was consumed with an early math and cooking fascination. Later, as a teen, I restarted and taught myself everything I could. Acoustic and electric guitars. The piano and keyboards. Then I tried singing, which I learned over time was my real passion. I signed up for every music class in high school, the ‘glee club’ and choirs. In college I didn’t want to play sports…I sang the National Anthem at the football and basketballs games instead.

Although I’ve played in many bands over the years, The Reset is my first full-length album. It’s a collection of songs that attempts to tell a story inspired by that time in life when you go through something profound, something you think might kill you, but instead it transforms you. There is a calm feeling of possibilities afterward, when everything is different. The Reset is exactly what it says it is.