Upcoming Release (October 14, 2014): The Reset

On October 14, 2014 The Reset will be available on all digital channels for download and streaming (iTunes, Pandora, etc.). After one incredible year of song-writing, studio recording & mixing I am looking forward to sharing my new full-length album.

It’s a collection of personal and revealing tunes inspired by years of discovery & mistakes often referred to as ‘life’. The Reset is literal…a set of songs written at a self-identified moment in my life at which I reorganized the gathered information, interrupted my own well-worn patterns, and forced a journey of revitalized spirit & renewed sentiment. This was more than a simple page turn, a new chapter, a new coat of paint or some such incremental move. I put in a new processor, a new set of rules, and an entirely reconstructed engine. The Reset is an announcement, a declaration, a memorialization, a purging of junk and a new beginning. Read more about it HERE.

The Reset was produced through a wonderful collaboration among a group of musicians for whom I’m extremely grateful to have worked. Production began with Josh Margolis (drummer, guitar player, owner of Gowanus Music School in Brooklyn) and Danny Lapidus (engineer/producer & musician, owner of POD Noise studio in NYC). Three bass players (James Joughlin, Lee Nadel, David Pollak), two keyboard/organ players (Rob Arthur & John Deley), and a bad-ass harmonica player (Teddy Goldstein) all contributed performances.

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